POLICY 7.12 – Fees Policy



The purpose of this policy is to establish operational guidelines for the management of client fees and to ensure Delphis Australia complies with guidelines and contractual obligations applying under Funding Agreements with State and/or Commonwealth Government Departments.


2.0       SCOPE

This fees policy shall apply to all services delivered in Accordance State and/or Commonwealth government Funding Agreements.

This fees policy recognises that that while protections should be in place for those people who cannot afford to contribute, others who can afford to contribute to their care should do so. Further, clients with a similar capacity to pay who receive a similar type and level of service should contribute the same amount.


3.0       PROCEDURE

3.1       What are the Client’ responsibilities with respect to fees? 

As with all government funded services, clients are expected to contribute to the cost of services delivered.  This is to ensure that home support services are available to everyone who needs them.  Clients have a responsibility to;


  1. Pay fees promptly as agreed at commencement of service.
  2. Provide reasonable notice to Delphis Australia if a service is not required or is to be cancelled. Subject to exceptional/emergency circumstances, all cancellations of services need to be made by 3pm the previous business day otherwise the full fee for services booked will be charged.


3.2       How fees will be collected, frequency and methods for payment:

All clients will be informed of the amount of fees to be charged by Delphis Australia and methods of payment available at the time of assessment or introduction of the service.

An invoice/statement is mailed to clients each month providing details of all services delivered in the previous period.

Client options for paying fees are:

  1.  By monthly Direct Debit (the preferred mode of payment) from a clients nominated bank account
  2.  Cash or cheque deposited at a client’s bank account into a Delphis Australia nominated account (details shown on client’s monthly  invoice)
  3.  Internet banking as a bank transfer using a client’s bank website
  4.  Post payment for amount listed on monthly Invoice to Delphis Australia – Suite 6/451 Pacific Highway, North Gosford
  5.  By Bpay (details shown on client’s monthly invoice)
  6.  By Debit/Credit card by phone 43244244 and asking for the Accounts section.


Delphis Australia will assist clients in arranging automatic monthly payments from their financial institution for direct credit into a Delphis Australia nominated bank account. This option provides a documented record of each financial transaction for the client’s personal records.


3.3       Experiencing Financial Hardship

If a client has a genuine incapacity to contribute towards the cost of their care, a lower fee may be negotiated. Any agreed fee variations will be subject to review and may require documentary evidence to support claims of financial hardship.


3.4       Refusal to pay contribution

Delphis Australia reserves the right to withhold delivery of any future service if a client, at the time of assessment or following the delivery of service, refuses to pay a client fee established in accordance with this policy.  However, if it is deemed the parties are in dispute, service(s) should continue until the matter is resolved in accordance with our Complaints/Appeals mechanisms.


3.5       Receiving Compensation Payment

Otherwise eligible clients in receipt of a  compensation payment that is intended to cover some or all of the cost of home support care and services are  not eligible for a government  funded subsidised service  and will be charged the full cost of providing the service.  Refer to Delphis Australia Fee Structure – standard fee.


3.6       Confidentiality

Delphis Australia will collect and store all personal information in accordance with their obligations under the Privacy Act 1988. There is no requirement for Delphis Australia to provide any identifying client income information to any Government Department.


3.7       Complaints

All information will be dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially and without retribution.

Clients (or their representative) are encouraged to raise any concerns with Delphis Australia directly.

However, if clients (or their representative) consider that they have been inappropriately dealt with and Delphis Australia has not resolved the issue satisfactorily, they (or their representative) should contact the Aged Care Complaints Scheme;


3.8       Setting of Fees

Delphis Australia will determine its fee structure and amounts set in accordance with State and Commonwealth Funding Agreements and established government Guidelines.

The Service Fee schedule is reviewed annually in June.

Fee schedule effective 1 July 2016:


(Subsidised under the Commonwealth Home Support Program)
6AM – 8PM
All In-Home Programs $12.00 / hr $15.50 / hr $17.50 / hr $23.00 / hr
Additional Costs: Services requiring transport will incur a travel cost of
$0.90c per kilometre
Lawn Mowing Service: Rate varies depending on size of property however a minimum $20 subsidy applies to this service.
Centre Based Day Programs
(Gosford, Woy Woy & Gorokan)
Rate per day:

Weekdays $21.00

Weekends $22.00

You can view and download our past Annual Reports below, if you require and other information please don’t hesitate to contact us.