How do I know if I am eligible for assisted services?

If you are frail aged, have a disability or are a carer, you may be eligible for government assisted services. The first step is to talk with MY AGED CARE on 1800 200 422. They may recommend an in-home assessment which is carried by the Regional Assessment Service. Following the assessment you can request Delphis Australia to deliver the support you need.

If you’re not eligible for government assistance, Delphis Australia can still provide you with support on a fee for service basis. Our Customer Service Team can provide you with a schedule of fees. Contact our team on 02 4324 4244

What area do you service?

The team at Delphis Australia service the entire Central Coast region.

Will I receive services straight away?

Depending on your assessment and the availability of the government assisted services, you may be placed on a waiting list.

While you are waiting you can still access our services on a fee for service basis while you wait for the subsidised service to become available.
If you’re not eligible, or you need short term, you can also choose to use our fee for service assistance.

Please call our friendly team on (02) 43 244 244 for more information.

Who can refer?

With your permission, a friend, family member or your GP can refer you. You can also refer yourself. Please call the MY AGED CARE on 1800 200 422 (over 65 or over 50 ATSI).

If you’re under 65 or under 50 for ATSI, please call Central Coast Community Pathways on 1300 160 096

If you want to take advantage of our fee for service options, the same applies; you can refer yourself or with your permission, a friend, family member or your GP can refer you directly to Delphis Australia by calling (02) 43 244 244.

Will I have a regular worker?

We will always do our best to provide you with a familiar face. Small teams are assigned to each area to provide a seamless service.

Will service be at a regular time?

We have morning and afternoon shifts for domestic assistance such as help around the home, or transport for grocery shopping. On the day we can provide a more specific time so you can plan the rest of your day.

If you have a medical appointment, a specific time will be arranged to suit your needs.

What happens to my service if I’m away for a period of time?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are going away. You can call us or notify us in writing and we will put your services on hold while you’re away.

All cancellation of services need to be made by 3pm the previous business day otherwise the full fee for services booked will be charged. This excludes exceptional/emergency circumstances

How much does service cost?

As with all government funded services, clients are expected to contribute to the cost of services delivered.  This is to ensure that home support services are available to everyone who needs them. No one is refused service due to an inability to pay.

How often can I access services?

Each person’s situation is different and a consultation with you will determine your support needs. Through the assessment process, we’ll discuss your needs and develop a suitable support plan.
You can also choose to add additional services by accessing our fee for service options.

How do I pay?

Client options for paying fees are:

  1. By monthly Direct Debit (the preferred mode of payment) from a clients nominated bank account
  2. Cash or cheque deposited at a client’s bank account into a Delphis Australia nominated account (details shown on client’s monthly invoice)
  3. Internet banking as a bank transfer using a client’s bank website
  4. Post payment for amount listed on monthly Invoice to Delphis Australia – Suite 6/451 Pacific Highway, North Gosford
What happens during respite time?

Each situation is different and the person requiring the care may have specific needs. We focus on caring for your loved one and giving you (the carer) peace of mind to take a break either short or long term.
A support plan will be developed in consultation with you (the carer) and will include specific tasks dependent on the situation.

Can I cancel the contract at any time?

You can cancel the service agreement if you no longer need it. Please provide 24 hours notice for changes or cancellations. No cancellation fees are charged.

Please note if you don’t cancel a scheduled service and a worker arrives to find you not home, or unwilling to proceed, a fee will be charged, other than in the case of an emergency (e.g. hospital admission).